"Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction"

About Us

PALMIRA&PARTNERS CONSULTING ITALIA Srls was founded with the concept of an expert managerial system and operates with the convinction that a successful business endeavour a surprising result are fruit of experience.

P&P headquarters are located in Imperia with operations in Middle and Far East.

Willingness to participate and co-invest with the minority share holding in the completion of adventures alignments its own interest with those of the investors, is the demonstrations of solidarity connectness of their initiatives.

PALMIRA&PARTNERS CONSULTING ITALIA Srls is a trading company active in the energy field since many years, having supplied to very important customers several steam turbines for industrial applications particularly in the field of oil and gas (according to API611 and API 612), biomass, sugar mill and paper mill.
Our team is highly qualified in general design and engeneering of thermal power plants,being in a position to deal with any potential customer suppyling budget price and technical specification for any size between 100Kw up to 30,000Kw.
PALMIRA&PARTNERS CONSULTING ITALIA Srls is able to supply spare parts for steam turbines and electrical generators, high voltage circuit breaker up to 400KV, water pumps and various electric components for power plants.

Received Orders


We collaborate with romanian bank UniCredit Tiriac Bank and italian banks MPS and Veneto Banca

"Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction"

Our references

New Earth Energy-2 x 7.4 MW Triveni Steam Turbine Generators – Completed construction

5 MW steam turbine (Finland)

30 MW extracting condensing steam turbine (Indonesia)

30 MW high efficiency steam turbine (Vietnam)

6.4 MW Triveni Steam Turbine generator set in Combined cycle (Italy)

Our Partners

  • cbi
  • cea
  • demont
  • energy recuperator

  • epistolio
  • eric-son
  • fincantieri
  • shahid

  • termo
  • zilio

We also collaborate with

Ecogeneration - Romania
Elayco Company - Turkey
Delta Mechanica
I.E.C. srl
T.E.Ma srl
ECC srl


PALMIRA&PARTNERS CONSULTING ITALIA Srls is consultancy and trading company specialized in energy field and acting both as Triveni Turbines ltd. agent for Italy and as supplier of:

  • Turbo generator sets
  • HV circuit breakers
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Spare parts
  • Services
  • Investments for biomass plants

We support our customers during the entire process and develompment of their projects. We guarantee quality, time schedule, efficiency of equipments



We offer a vast choice of services focused towards our partners' requirements to entirely fulfill their needs

  • Transportation and insurances
  • Training in the field
  • Supervision of erections
  • Trial run, commissioning
  • Routine maintainance of electrical power plants

Contact Us


Maria Alessandra Galluzzi, CEO
Phone: +39 393 91 90 930
Mail: ma.galluzzi@palmira-partners.com
Giuseppe Scarfì, Chairman
Phone: +39 345 72 17 307
Mail: g.scarfi@palmira-partners.com
Italian Headquarters
Via San Paolo 8, 42121 Reggio nell'Emilia

"Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction"

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